Cwu Rta Agreement

The Central Washington University (CWU) and the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) recently signed a Regional Transportation Agreement (RTA) that aims to improve transportation infrastructure and services in the region.

Under this agreement, CWU will work with WSDOT to enhance the safety, accessibility, and efficiency of the transportation system in Kittitas County and beyond. The agreement outlines various initiatives that the two organizations will undertake to achieve these goals.

One of the key focus areas of the CWU-WSDOT RTA is to improve transit services for students, faculty, and staff of the university. To achieve this, the partners will work to increase the frequency and reliability of buses and other transit modes in the region. They will also develop transportation programs and incentives to encourage the use of more sustainable transportation options like carpooling, biking, and walking.

Another important aspect of the agreement is the focus on pedestrian and bicycle safety. CWU and WSDOT will work together to identify and address areas of the transportation system where pedestrians and cyclists may be at heightened risk of accidents. This will include the installation of new crosswalks, bike lanes, and other infrastructure improvements.

The CWU-WSDOT RTA also includes provisions for improving the state of roads and bridges in the region. This will involve regular maintenance and repair activities, as well as long-term planning for infrastructure upgrades and expansions.

Overall, the CWU-WSDOT RTA is an important step towards improving transportation services and infrastructure in Kittitas County and the surrounding region. By partnering with each other, CWU and WSDOT can leverage their resources and expertise to achieve better outcomes for their respective communities.

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